Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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Online Survey Research

VGMarket offers online survey research in the Concept, Pre-Launch, and Post-Launch phases of development.

Concept Survey Techniques

  • Development-Focused Conjoint Analysis
    • Tailor a new video game concept to the demands of a target market.
    • Optimize spending by quantifying the marginal utility of development investments on consumer demand.
    • Testable elements include but are not limited to:
      • Overall theme
      • Art style
      • Feature concepts
      • Platform preferences
      • Genre preferences
      • ESRB rating

  • Market Segmentation
    • Categorize consumers into market segments based on psychographic and demographic variables.
    • Identify the most feasible target market for the product.
    • Use the profile of the target market to guide the development process from start to finish.

  • Concept Evaluation
    • Quantify consumer appeal for new concepts and features based on textual descriptions, pictures, and video footage.

Pre-Launch Survey Techniques

  • Marketing-Focused Conjoint Analysis
    • A comprehensive survey that optimizes the marketing mix.
    • Determine the price points that maximize revenue, distribution, and profit for a single or multi-platform release.
    • Identify the optimal marketing communications, advertisements, and box art.
    • Simulate a fictional marketplace with your product against the competition.
    • Design a marketing strategy that maximizes your market share.

  • Pricing
    • Determine the price points that maximize profit, revenue, and distribution.

  • Ad Testing
    • Quantify and predict the effectiveness of advertisements across mediums to optimize spending.

  • Pack Testing
    • Test the effectiveness of box art mock-ups.
    • Quantify intent to purchase, perception of quality, and recognition among a competitive set.

  • Predictive Modeling
    • Forecast unit sales and online service subscriptions.

Post-Launch Survey Techniques

  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Quantify overall satisfaction and intent to purchase a sequel.
    • Break the game down into its individual features and obtain quality scores on every detail.
    • Correlate feature scores to overall satisfaction and purchase intent of a sequel to identify the areas most in need of improvement.
    • Gain insights for future development.

  • Micro-Transactional Conjoint Analysis
    • Test the appeal of various micro-transactional product offerings prior to making a development investment.
    • Determine the optimal price point for each micro-transaction such that cannibalization is minimized and total profit is maximized across the product line.