Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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Smartphone MR panels, media research and business consulting

iPhoneiPhone and Blackberry users, buyers (consumer and b2b), and App research now available to market researchers (qualitative and quantitative), media agencies, consulting firms, and the App developer community!

VGMarket is pleased to announce our newly expanded research initiative intended to aid companies gain insight from actual iPhone/BlackBerry or other Smartphone users .VGMarket is marketing this and all of our research products to a wide range of companies including market research agencies, media agencies, APP developers and business consultants looking for an edge in this innovative sector.

VGMarket along with its clients have undertaken an industry-leading effort to gain insights into the Smartphone market and we are now ready to make our top-quality, large panels of iPhone and Blackberry users available for your research needs. VGMarket is well positioned to offer you timely and meaningful research to help shape the future of your App development or pricing strategy.

Since VGMarket’s panels have many specially targeted Smartphone users, we are able to offer fantastic pricing as it’s usually a very tough audience to reach in the general population. Our research is more affordable than you think. For the business consulting and media buyer, how can you not afford to know what is going on with actual targeted iPhone users?

If you don’t have a survey already programmed, VGMarket is glad to help program the survey, collect the data (from our survey respondents)  and deliver the results to you “as-is” or in an analyzed form.

Market research and competitive intelligence among Smartphone users continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of research. VGMarket is here to help your research needs in this burgeoning innovative sector.

SPECIAL OMNIBUS OFFERINGS: Even if you don’t have a large budget for dedicated research and analysis, market research is a smart investment. As part of this special offering, research is made affordable since you can ask as few or as many questions to a targeted group of Smartphone owners. This helps in reducing the overall cost of research and focusing in on only the most important issues to your company. We are here to help design and facilitate research that meets your exact needs.

For really cost conscious clients who would otherwise forgo the research investment, VGMarket makes the excuse of research being “too expensive” obsolete through our approach of offering cost-effective, high-quality targeted respondents.

For more information about VGMarket’s market research products and services, please feel free to inquire by emailing our VP of Online Services, Keith at or for broader inquiries please include and someone from the VGMarket team will get back to you soon!