Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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References and Company Info

Capcom "VGMarket provided me with unparalleled quality, speed, and pricing on video game sample." ~Kraig K., Design Director, Capcom

Electronic Arts “It took VGMarket 2 days to write, code, and launch a top-quality survey from scratch and 3 days to complete the recruit. I had a topline in my hand within 24 hours upon completion of the recruiting quota, and the final report came 2 days later.  The whole process from start to finish took just over 1 week, and I paid a fraction of what I expected. I have never seen a company that delivers on quality and value like VGMarket.” ~Jim L., Research Director, Electronic Arts

Paradigm “We’ve been very impressed with VGMarket! Not only do they deliver exactly what they promise, they follow up with regular communication and do everything possible to ensure the highest client satisfaction. This is a team of solid researchers who are extremely professional and reliable.” ~Robert G., Paradigm Precision Sample

For more information, please reach out to Keith Leeman, our VP of Online Services for your research requests and questions. He can be reached by email at or by phone at +1-206-954-7007. Keith is located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

VGMarket has employees across the country to meet the needs of our clients. VGMarket, LLC is headquartered in the State of Florida and has operations in the SF Bay area, Indianapolis, and South Florida. Please direct any sales inquiries for sample-only online surveys to and Keith or someone from the VGMarket team will get back to you.