Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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Pervasive quality concerns that continue to plague the traditional online panel companies and fieldwork agencies is a fundamental reason why VGMarket decided to enter the already crowded online space. VGMarket has considerable experience delivering top quality research on the qualitative side to top-tier clients in the video game industry. Now, we are bringing those lessons of quality learned through in-person research and recruitment methodologies to provide the top quality product in the online marketplace. VGMarket’s  panels of teens and adults are ESOMAR compliant, double-opt in panels dedicated for market research. Our custom built, state of the art analytics driven reporting tool provides a range of data points about the survey taker and tracks their experience throughout the survey.

Our proprietary cutting-edge analytics reporting technology includes geo-IP tracking and VGMarket offers an unrivaled guarantee of only charging for significant results. This should make any fieldwork manager, research director or business intelligence consultant confident of our high-tech, quality-driven, low cost approach to online research. VGMarket is dedicated to elevating the discussion around online quality. Please feel free to inquire if you have additional questions about our quality assurance policies and procedures. Below is our ESOMAR 26 for your convenience.

ESOMAR 26 Document

ESOMARESOMAR is a global organization committed to ensuring quality in online research. All of VGMarkets' panels are ESOMAR compliant. Please visit ESOMAR at for more information.