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Usability Testing

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VGMarket offers Usability Testing for websites, mobile, and PC/Mac applications.

1) Recruiting

  • 10-15 respondents participate in one-on-one moderated usability sessions.
  • Studies may take place in any city worldwide.

2) Methodology

  • Respondents evaluate the user interface of video games, websites, or applications based on an early prototype.
  • The moderator will begin by observing the user's natural method of engagement with the content.
  • The moderator will then give the user specific tasks and observe the user's ability or inability to complete each task.
  • The respondent is constantly communicating his or her thoughts to the moderator throughout the session.
  • Working within the theme, the respondent is also encouraged to propose new ideas for the developers to consider.

3) Results

  • The deliverable is a comprehensive checklist of usability problems and recommendations on how to improve ease of learning and use. The developers are encouraged to address each item on the checklist before the next round of research is conducted.
  • The client will receive a topline report within 24 hours and a final report within 5 days upon completion of the project.
  • Live Streaming Video of the user's computer or mobile device screen, integrated Real-Time Chat, and DVD Recording services are included at no additional charge.
    • Up to twenty-five people can simultaneously view the one-on-one discussion online from anywhere in the world.
    • Type questions into an integrated chat window, and the moderator will relay them directly to the respondents.
    • Receive video access to all discussions via online video or DVD recording.