Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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Methodology - Playtesting

OverviewConcept TestingPlaytestingUsability TestingPre-LaunchPost-Launch

1) Recruiting

  • 80-100 respondents participate in a playtest.
  • There are 10 groups with 8-10 respondents per group.
  • Groups may take place in any city worldwide.

2) Gaming

  • The length of each session is customizable.
  • Depending on the goals of the playtest, respondents can play individually, cooperatively, or competitively.

3) Survey

  • Each respondent completes a survey individually before communicating with other participants.

4) Group Discussion

  • After individual responses are locked in, all respondents participate in a moderated group discussion.
  • Live Streaming Video, Integrated Real-Time Chat, and DVD Recording services are included at no additional charge.
    • Up to twenty-five people can simultaneously view the group discussion online from anywhere in the world.
    • Type questions into an integrated chat window and the moderator will relay them directly to the respondents.
    • Receive a DVD recording of all group discussions.

5) Results

  • The client will receive a comprehensive report within 72 hours upon completion of the final group in each city.