Market Research for the Video Game Industry

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Methodology - Overview

OverviewConcept TestingPlaytestingUsability TestingPre-LaunchPost-Launch

VGMarket's Five-Step Approach to Video Game Research

1. Concept Testing

  • Define the target market.
  • Identify the overall theme, art style, and gameplay mechanics that resonate with the target market prior to making development investments.

2. Playtesting

  • Fine-tune the gameplay, controls, UI, graphics, audio, and every in-game feature.
  • Track improvement from pre-alpha => alpha => beta => final.

3. Usability Testing

  • Improve ease of learning and use.

4. Pre-Launch

  • Establish the price points that maximize revenue, distribution, and profit.
  • Identify the optimal advertisements, marketing communications, and box art.
  • Forecast sell-through.

5. Post-Launch

  • Collect consumer feedback and quantify overall satisfaction.
  • Gain insights for future releases.